GenScript Corp. Services Speed Development of Zika Virus Vaccine

DNA Constructs Rushed to Governmental Agencies and Research Institutions

GenScript, the number one global provider of gene synthesis services, is playing a key role in accelerating the response to the recent Zika virus outbreak by rush delivering DNA constructs to governmental agencies and research institutions. The DNA constructs are being used for the development of a vaccine against the virus. 

The Zika virus is transmitted by primarily through the bite of the Aedes mosquito. Since 2015 viral infections have been on the rise, with the most recent cases appearing in numerous countries across the Americas. Infections are largely symptomless; however evidence suggests that Zika infections in pregnant women are linked to the development of microcephaply, a neurodevelopmental disorder, in their newborns. Currently there is no vaccine or treatment for Zika, and the best preventative action is to take precautions to avoid Aedes bites.

“Time is of the essence when facing the outbreak of a virus like Zika. It’s important to be able to deliver the bioreagents that researchers need for vaccine development with high quality and rapid speed,” said GenScript Senior Service Marketing Manager, Heidi Huang, Ph.D. “That’s why we developed express gene synthesis technologies that can deliver DNA constructs in as few as four business days, the fastest turnaround time in the industry. It helps researchers decrease vaccine development time and significantly improve their response time to pandemics, saving lives in the process”.

GenScript has a history of providing DNA constructs to researchers at record speed during times of viral outbreak. In response to an H7N9 outbreak in 2013, the company delivered DNA constructs that encoded key vaccine proteins to a clinical vaccine company in just six business days. The constructs were used to expedite the development of an H7N9 vaccine that was ready for pre-clinical trials in just 28 days, less than six weeks after initial reports of H7N9 infections.

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